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Our Miss Brooks

In 1952, Our Miss Brooks moved to CBS Television, becoming one of television’s first hit television shows. Except for Jeff Chandler, all for the remaining cast made the move from radio to TV. Many of the scripts for the TV show were adapted from the radio scripts.

The premise for the show didn’t change. It still revolved around Miss Brook’s daily life at Madison High School, relationships with the students, Mr. Conklin’s scheming, and Miss Brook’s mooning over Mr. Boynton.

DVDIn 1955, Miss Brooks, Mr. Conklin, and most of the remaining cast moved to a private school when Madison High was torn down to make way for progress, a highway. There was only one change, Miss Brooks was pursued by the gym teacher, Gene Talbot played by Gene Barry. Robert Rockwell was brought back as Mr. Boynton mid-season to help boost falling ratings. It didn’t help. The show was cancelled in 1956.

Fans did finally get their payoff. In 1955, Our Miss Brooks was made into a movie released in theaters . Mr. Boynton finally proposed and the couple married.

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