Old Time Radio Show Episode Log

Episode Format

The episodes often followed a predictable format.  However, Miss Brooks' average predicaments turned wacky kept the show fresh. Throughout the course an episode, her problems would increasingly worsen often sending her to the office of grumpy Mr Conklin or even in prison.


480719 "First Day of Class"
begins with Miss Brooks daydreaming about kissing biology teacher Mr. Boyton.  Mr. Davis made Armenian pancakes that soaked in sour goats milk for 5 days, "Don't pay any attention to the smell."  Due to Miss. Brooks' Chevy was still in the shop after she ran into a parked police car; Walter Denton drove her to school and caused a wreck. Unknown to them the other car belonged to the new principle that they haven't met, Mr. Conklin.  Later Mr. Conklin catches Miss Brooks in compromising positions threatening her promotion to head English Teacher. 

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"Even a biology teacher needs to get biologic every once in a while"

480919 "Weekend at Crystal Lake"
Ms. Davis made broiled pine needles for breakfast.  Miss Brooks dents her radiator and got a ticket for passing a car on the left…the other car was going the other way.  Martha Conklin invited Miss Brooks and Mr. Boyton on their anniversary vacation at Crystal Lake. 

"Or maybe he's going to do what he always does, hit me in the back of the neck with a bag of hot stones."

481024 "Surprise Party"
Blubber Burger for breakfast this morning.   It's Our Miss Brooks' birthday and she's forgotten again.  Everyone borrows money from her to prevent her from buying a coveted alligator bag.  Everyone comes to Miss Brooks for monetary help including a iceman with a injured horse in need of oats and a shoe-shine boy who's dog fell down the stairs. 

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481031 "Clay City Football Game"
Miss Brooks accepts a glass on milk rather than Ms. Davis' surprise recipe, which is covered with mold.  Miss Brooks is planning to drive Mr. Boyton to the Football game about 2 hours away, but conflict arises when she attempts to pick up her oft broken car from the shop the Walter's car breaks down while picking up Harriet Conklin.  As the Conklin Family tags along, the ride to the game gets wilder and wilder. 

"It wasn't a convertible until I tried to go through a railroad crossing with the bars down"

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481031 "The Work Horse"
Ms. Davis made Miss Brooks a breakfast juice of raw potato, one hardboiled egg, some rye-crisps, kidney beans, spinach and hominy grits. Worried that Miss Brooks doesn't have enough fun, the whole gang tries to introduce her their hobbies including knitting, stamp collecting, and chess with Mr. Boyton.  Comparisons between Miss Brooks and horses in one way or another is sprinkled through the program. 

Ms. Davis: "Have yourself a nice afghan."
Miss Brooks: "I don't want myself a nice Afghan; I take an American Boy every time." 

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481114 "Babysitting for Three"
Miss Brooks is worried about Eddy Garson and checks on him on Sunday; luckily he lives 4 doors from Mr. Boyton!  Miss Brooks gets tricked into babysitting Eddy's three younger siblings overnight.  Her overnight stay in Mr. Boyton's neighborhood leaves Harriet and Walter believing that the two teachers are secretly married with children.

"I never in my life ever hit a child and this is the first time I'm wondering why."

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481121 "The Model School Teacher"
Ms. Davis served hot pancakes with a smidgen of goose liver.  Snap Magazine wants to take pictures of Miss Brooks as the model teacher.  The interviewer insults Miss Brooks and her good looks grabs the attention of Walter, Mr. Boyton and Mr. Conklin.  Miss Brooks and Harriet strikes back by trying to get the interviewer banned from the school.

"Will you join us on the table or do you want saucer of milk on the back fence?"

481205 "Weighing Machine"
Ms. Davis served Miss Brooks Pinapple, Papaya, and Passion Fruit Hawaiian juice for breakfast (sounds delicious!).  After hearing her fortune read by both Ms. Davis and Walter, Miss Brooks is convinced that a tall dark and handsome man will enter her life.  This episode includes an introduction to Mr. Monet the new French Teacher who speaks mainly French, which Miss Brooks interprets as flattery.  Fearful of the new French teachers' taste for frog legs, Mr. Boyton put a new lock on his favorite amphibian's terrarium. 

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490102 "Old Clothes for Party"
It's New Years Eve and everyone has plans for the big night!  Mr. Monet stops by and his malapropisms of American idioms are quite amusing; he invites Miss Brooks and Mr. Boyton to his party.  Chaos ensues when Harriet gives Miss Brooks Mr. Conklin's suit to donate overseas.  In a telephone misunderstanding

Advertisement—Wash your face with Palmolive soap, 3 times a day for 14 days for loveliness all over. 

490109 "The Heating System"
Ms. Davis makes Brazilian Coffee with ground Brazilnuts.  Mr. Conklin refuses to ask the board for more coal to heat the school, causing the basketball team to freeze and Mr. Boyton's frog to catch a cold.  The brave Miss Brooks faces the irate penny-pinching principal to get more money for the school.  When he refuses, the gang comes up with a plan to trick Mr. Conklin into asking for the needed funds.

(On cold students shivering) Ms. Davis "Young people have such loud teeth."

Advertisement—Smoother shaves using Palmolive lather and shaving cream for men.

490116 "Student Government Day" 
Mr. Conklin suspends school to have a "Student Government Day."  Miss Brooks is substituting in Civics class and has a rousing discussion with the students about corporate and government corruption.  Harriet serves as mayor and Walter as sheriff, looking to bring down a shady toy company with wacky consequences. 

"Does anyone want to buy a used teaching credential."

490123 "Head of the English Department"
Ms. Finch, the head of the English department at Madison High School, is leaving the school due to pregnancy. 

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