Mary Jane Croft, as Miss Enright (Nasal-voiced rival of Miss Brooks)

Mary Jane CroftRounding out the cast of Our Miss Brooks old time radio show was Mary Jane Croft as Miss Enright—a nasal-voiced rival for Miss Brooks.  They competed for the position of Head English teacher and for Mr. Boynton's attention. 

Mary Jane Croft was a well-known character actress that you might recognize from I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, Here’s Lucy, and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Ms. Croft worked extensively in radio, lending her voice to many characters on radio shows like Blondie, The Adventures of Sam Spade, My Favorite Husband (also with Lucille Ball), Four-Star Playhouse and many more.

When Our Miss Brooks moved from radio to television, the producers wanted Ms. Croft to stay on as the outspoken Miss Enright. She stayed with the show for two years. When comparing radio to television, Ms. Croft said, "In radio we could do many programs in any given week. We did not memorize the scripts -- we read them in front of the microphone. For television, we had to really work! We now devoted a whole week to a single show. Miss Brooks was done like Lucy in front of a studio audience, so we really had to be sharp."

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