Jane Morgan, as Margaret Davis (Landlady)

Margaret DavisJane Morgan played to role of Miss Brooks' landlady, Ms. Margaret Davis.  Ms. Davis woke Connie every morning and offered her advice hinting at the theme of the episode.  Often forgetful herself, Ms. Davis complained about her sister Angela's absentmindedness.  Just about every morning on the old time radio show, she also offered Miss Brooks an odd concoction for breakfast, which ranged from goose liver pancakes to breakfast juice consisting of raw potato, one hardboiled egg, some rye-crisps, kidney beans, spinach and hominy grits.  The weird breakfasts became a running gag for the show, as was the condition of Miss Brooks' car.  The car was always in the shop often from Connie's wild driving such as when she drove her car into the lobby of a building.

Due to the condition of her automobile, Miss Brooks needed a ride to school, her student Walter Denton drove Madison High Schools favorite English teacher in his wreck of a car.  His jalopy was often missing parts such as fenders and Walter's driving sometimes caused accidents.  Often Walter complicated Miss Brooks' life by asking for favors.  However she was always willing to help her students. 

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