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begins with Miss Brooks daydreaming about kissing biology teacher Mr. Boyton. Mr. Davis made Armenian pancakes that soaked in sour goats milk for 5 days, "Don't pay any attention to the smell." Due to Miss. Brooks' Chevy was still in the shop after she ran into a parked police car; Walter Denton drove her to school and caused a wreck. Unknown to them the other car belonged to the new principle that they haven't met, Mr. Conklin. Later Mr. Conklin catches Miss Brooks in compromising positions threatening her promotion to head English Teacher. 

Advertisement--Public Service Announcement to follow the laws of the road to prevent car accidents

"Even a biology teacher needs to get biologic every once in a while"
Our Miss Brooks 480719 001 First Day
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Ms. Davis made broiled pine needles for breakfast. Miss Brooks dents her radiator and got a ticket for passing a car on the left…the other car was going the other way. Martha Conklin invited Miss Brooks and Mr. Boyton on their anniversary vacation at Crystal Lake. 

"Or maybe he's going to do what he always does, hit me in the back of the neck with a bag of hot stones."
Our Miss Brooks 480919 007 Weekend At Crystal Lake
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